Spring has sprung

Join me May 1st on a 6-week detox plan

1st week preparing for the detox, 4 weeks detoxing, and after the reintroduction and redoing the body composition test. Clearing toxins from your body naturally is an excellent way to help feel more energetic and healthy. We are offering *a comprehensive and fully supervised detox program* starting May 15th. Sign up now for savings over 130$ in services and products for this plan

The whole package is valued at over $680. But for the month of May – I am offering the whole complete program for only $550

I am starting my detox on Wednesday May 15th – let’s do it together!

Plan includes support from myself and 2 of my colleagues

Kadeja Lefebvre


With myself, Kadeja Lefebvre
3-4 appointments
2 containers of Clearing Formula
2 Body composition tests
Guidelines and literature

Andre Lalonde


With André Lalonde
2 Hydrotherapy sessions of 90 minutes
Relax and recuperate with cool and warm external body compresses to promote circulation and reduce inflammation.

Jennifer Brennan


With Jennifer Brennan
30 minute consult to get you started with the right cooking and meal planning tips. Optional post detox appointment available to get a plan for a healthy maintenance menu (not included in the package deal)

Week 1: In person with Kadeja 1st test, planning and products

Week 2: Phone consult with Jennifer

Week 3: Hydrotherapy with André

Week 4: Phone consult with Kadeja

Week 5: Hydrotherapy with André

Week 6: In person with Kadeja 2nd test. Finishing the plan

Save 10% on other detox products until June 30th 2019