André Lalonde

André Lalonde has always had a passion for education and health care. In 1991, he graduated from Université de Montréal with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Wanting to explore natural alternatives to health care more deeply, he embarked on a parallel Naturopathic diploma from the Collège canadien de naturopathie, graduating in 1992.

After a number of years in private practice as a naturopath, he returned to his studies to obtain a Master’s degree in Sport Sciences in 2009, specializing in Kinesiology and Fitness Therapy. Mr. Lalonde has worked in the field of health care for more than 27 years as a nurse clinician in the emergency, intensive care and renal failure departments, as Kinesiologist in neuromuscular rehabilitation and fitness, as well as an instructor in aerobics, Pilates (PoleStar), Tai Chi, yoga and Glidding, and as a certified Naturopath. He is pursuing continuing studies in Naturopathic Sciences in Montréal.